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Customer Service is horrible!!! Of course the sales rep was on his game when selling us product - since then nothing but issues. Installers were late, not enough material was delivered, therefore, installation was delayed a day, clean up was not acceptable, trying to get them back to do a warranty repair was a nightmare, get the run-around, sit on the phone on hold for long periods of time (20-30 min or more), sit and wait on them to show-up...
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We've been living a nightmare with Empire. They are very disorganized, send the same installers after we've complained about the specific installer, can't make sense of their own note write ups, have left a project undone without ordering the correct supplies for over a week, fail to reimburse our money, and then "forget" to *** $125 dollars from the project price after paying the quoter that amount and saying it would be taken off our project....
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