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Empire Today - And Then They Screwed Me 1 of 1 people found it helpful
Recently, I had met with an Empire Today sales rep. He sold me carpet and vinyl flooring for my house. He also arranged to have both installed on the same day. The carpet install team showed up an hour late and the vinyl team (man and wife) shoed up later. When the vinyl installer unrolled his vinyl, it was damaged beyond use. Rather than going to get another roll he opted to blow off the day and come back the next day causing me a loss of a...
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I didn't like
  • Lack monetary compensation
Help me, just started Tue laminate floor today with empire. I started checking the internet because something seems off. First thing is the materials I was shown on the samples is not what came today but I wasn't given a sample to keep. Second was the amount if smoke breaks these guys took after they started the job at 1:30pm. Third there burning the laminate with a saw blade thats dull turning the edges ti sharp shards that are lifting the...
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I was stood up for initial consultation, promised an installation date that was not fulfilled twice, promised a price and service that was impossible. They attempted to charge me an extra $1,000 after they ripped the middle of my kitchen floor out. They installed the wrong pattern of tile and used the wrong color grout. They did not ever give the person that referred me her money. I have dealt with the absolute rudest customer service...
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